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Daily Schedule

U.S. History

Distance Learning Schedule

Patrick Dotson

1-918-916-6775 (Call or Text)

Contact hours: 10AM-6Pm daily


Overview & Purpose

  • The purpose of this course schedule is to provide academic opportunities for during this time of distance learning.
  • The hope is to provide academic rigor while providing a sense of stability


  • Students will be expected to complete all notebook assignments in your binders.
  • Assignment notebook pages are to be endorsed as complete with your parent’s signature in the page margin above the “Reading Check.”
  • There will be two (2) grades per week.

How to return Work:

  • Assignments are to be submitted via text picture each Friday before 12 noon.
  • My Cell # is above; Take a picture, text it to me.
  • Identify yourself in your text
  • Be certain to put your name on each assignment.

Assignment Binder Pickup Schedule:

  •  High school students 9-12 may pick up (Drive Thru Only) their Assignment Binder with their locker personal property @ 11:30am – 1:00pm Crowder High school, Monday April 6th or @ Northside Assembly of God Church if that is your meal program pick up point.


 U.S. History: Do all parts of each Section Summary.


Week 1:  Do pgs. 96,106

Week 2:  Do pgs. 111 ,115

Week 3:  Do pgs. 117, 121

Week 4:  Do pgs. 124,126


Take a picture of your completed assignments, then text to me at 918-916-6775 by Friday, 12 noon, of each week.


World History: Do all parts of each Section Summary


Week 1:  Do pgs. 166, 174

Week 2:  Do pgs.  178, 183

Week 3:  Do pgs.  185, 199

Week 4:  Do pgs.   191, 193


Take a picture of your completed assignments, then text to me 918 916=-6775 by 12 noon, Friday of each week.


Geography: Do the identified pages and designated parts of each summary


Week 1:  Do pgs.  21,24

Week 2:  Do pgs.  28,32

Week 3:  Do pgs.  34,38

Week 4:  Do pgs.  40,42


Take a picture of your completed assignments, then text to me 918-916-6775 by 12 noon, Friday of each week


I’m very curious to know your thoughts, questions and opinions concerning the actions of our government: National, State and Local, as we deal with this public health concern. I would like each of you to keep a personal journal of what you observe, your questions, thoughts and opinions concerning this topic during this interval that we’re not in class.


  • 2 journal entries minimum, per week. You are encouraged to do more.
  • Enter your observed action of any level of government
  • Write your thoughts and opinions concerning that action
  • Date each entry. Use proper sentence and paragraph form


Week 1: 2 entries National Government

Week 2: 2 entries State Government

Week 3:  2 entries Local Government

Week 4:  2 entries of your interest

Patrick Dotson

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