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Mark Lay


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About Me

Educational History:

High School - McAlester High School 1978

Colleges and Universities - Harding University 1983, Arkansas State University 1996





Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Physical Education 1983

MSE Secondary Administration 1996

Certifications - Physical Education, Health Education, Secondary English, Driver Education, Secondary Principal

Current Position:

I am beginning my seventh year at Crowder. This year, I am teaching English I, Creative Writing, Life Skills and junior high and high school P.E. In addition, I amhelping Coach Rush with junior and senior high girls basketball.  

Previous Position:

I worked in private schools in Arkansas for 32 years prior to moving to Crowder. I started as a secondary teacher and coach in 1983. I taught a variety of subjects for 15 years, served as principal for 12 years, and then served as headmaster for 8 years. I have  coached basketball, football, baseball, softball, and track.

Family Information:

My wife Sherry and I were married by my dad on August 8, 1981 at the Crowder Church of Christ. I grew up in McAlester while Sherry graduated from Crowder in 1979. She is a kindergarten teacher at Crowder. We have two children. Our daughter Tara teaches 5th grade in Bryant, Arkanasas. Our son Cooper lives with us and works at Nichols in Eufaula. He also serves as a prison minister at OSP.Sherry and I have one grandson, Reid, and one granddaghter, Libby, who live with their mom and dad in Bryant.  We go to visit him as much as we can. We have two cats named Annabelle and Fluffy. 

Personal Information:

I have a number of hobbies that I like to do in my spare time. I enjoy fishing and watching a variety of sports. I also like to play cards, Song Pop, and Words with Friends. I also like to be involved in church activities with my family. Sherry, Cooper, and I are members of the Crowder Church of Christ, the same church where we were married.

Mark Lay

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