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About Michelle Ragan

My name is Michelle Ragan and I'm the middle school reading teacher. I've been teaching for 19 years and reading is by far my favorite subject to teach!


I graduated from Crowder in 1990.  I then attended EOSC for two years and later graduated from SOSU.


My husband, Rodney, and I have two kids.  Stoney is 17 and is a junior, and Ashtyn is 15 and is a sophomore.


We attend the Crowder Church of Christ and are very active with the youth.


Besides being very busy with our kids' schedules and church activities, Rodney and I spend most of our time working on our farm.



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comment posted by Tyler Sennett on 11-12-2014
Hi it is Tyler Sennett I figured out how to send the messages. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but I would like to say that you are my favorite teacher. Since you have told us to read a book every nine weeks I have read books that I wouldn't have read in a long time. I am really enjoying the book I am reading currently reading.
comment posted by Harley Key on 11-11-2014
Your awesome and we all love u